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1st July (Saturday), 8pm, The Tower and in the Courtyard of the Old Town Hall
Admission Free

Early music, especially from the Baroque period, fills the listeners with tremendous admiration and keeps instrumentalists and musicologists awake at night, due to the fact that performing it is not an easy task.

Despite the many difficulties, the group Tubicinatores Gedanenses willingly and increasingly often takes on such music, and when trying to find a sound similar to those times, musicians use copies of instruments from the era.

The concert’s essence is also a unique presentation of a forgotten tradition of Tower music – performing music from the top of a tower on historical trumpets by tower trumpeters employed by the city as early as in the 15th century. In the case of the festival concert, its first part will open with a performance from the tower of the Gothic Old Town Hall of Toruń. For the second part, we will move to the courtyard of the Town Hall, in order to listen to the other pieces prepared especially for the concert.

In the programme, apart from rarely presented Polish Baroque music, there are pieces originally intended for a corps of trumpeters and percussion, a characteristic music formation of the 17th and 18th century music, performing on towers, at courts, in churches, and accompanying troops during battles and marches.