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14.07. (Saturday),  4:00 pm
The stage on the barge – Bulwar Filadelfijski
Admission free

The concert will be held as a part of the project “Cultural Summer”.

Adrian Zasada – vocal guitar
Jędrzej Rochecki – violin
Maciej Drapiński – accordion
Szymon Wiciński – double-bass
Tomasz Stanny – drums

KONTRABUS – five individuals, five tempers, five male characters blended together, creating an unprecedented, trend-setting music band on its journey through the undiscovered space of sounds and arrangements. The unique world of diversified music is created with the sound of acoustic instruments to reshape different stereotypes, whereas world’s popular tunes are reinvented by using new arrangements. We will take you on a journey across the swing, rockabilly, jazz and Balkan music; all flavored and spiced up with the genuine Slavic temper. KONTRABUS plays songs originally performed by Frank Sinatra or Elvis Presley, among others, as well as the band’s own compositions. Adrian Zasada will be your guide, with the help of musicians from Toruń, Bydgoszcz and Świecie: Jędrzej Rochecki – a superb violinist and a lecturer at the Academy of Music in Bydgoszcz, Maciej Drapiński – an accordion virtuoso, Szymon Wiciński – double bass and Tomasz Stanny – percussion.

ADRIAN ZASADA – the frontman, vocalist, soloist, instrumentalist, composer and a counsellor, when in private. The winner of multiple festivals and music contests. Former player and singer in VACAT where he used to perform at big venues in Poland and abroad (Jazz Festival Southport, Glasgow Festival Oran More, Rawa Blues Festival). Adrian blends rock, folk, R&B and jazz together, drawing inspiration from Ray Charles, Jim Morrison or Czesław Niemen, as well as performing his own compositions. The artist successfully performed at international gigs, recorded inspirational studio albums and played multiple concerts on large stages and on television (TVN and TVP)

JĘDRZEJ ROCH ROCHECKI – a composer, multi-instrumentalist, sound director, music theoretician. His compositions are presented at multiple concerts in Poland and abroad. He takes an active part in actions undertaken by Polish Composers’ Association or Music Schools Complex in Toruń. In his works and intermedia projects, Jędrzej makes the best of the potential of electronic music. Co-operating with other artists, he creates music tracks for movies and cartoons, recording sounds on sets, or filling multiple art exhibits and displays with sound. His works were presented at the Cannes Film Festival in 2013. Currently he is a sound engineer in the Culture Center in Bydgoszcz, the Kuiavian-Impresario Music Theater in Toruń and gives lectures at the Bydgoszcz’ Music Academy.

MACIEJ DRAPIŃSKI – a graduate of the accordion class supervised by Tomasz Kwiatkowski, M.A. at the 2nd Level National Music School in Grudziądz, as well as a graduate of the accordion class guided by prof. Jerzy Kaszuba, assisting dr Stanisław Miłek at the Music Academy in Bydgoszcz. While at the university, he has been granted a prestigious scholarship “Young Poland” for unique artistic achievements from the Minister of Culture and National Heritage. After receiving an awarded diploma and the title of „Golden Graduate” he mastered his skills with the finest overseas scholars. The winner of multiple contests and festivals as a soloist and chamber musician, Maciej proudly presents his virtuosity at many venues in Poland and abroad.

TOMASZ STANNY – born into a family where music rules the roost. The founder of the Diamond Sixtet,  Tomek crossed paths with Zydeco Flow and Kasa Chorych where he performed at the biggest stages in Poland. An initiator and promoter of cultural happenings he is also the Artistic Director at the annual Blues Na Świecie Festival.

SZYMON WICIŃSKI – a musician raised in the folk genre where he took his first music steps with a double bass in 2000. Played in most of the Kuiavian-Pomeranian folk bands, e.g. Ziemia Bydgoska, Płomienie, Toruniacy, Kądziołeczka, Młody Toruń, Kundzia and Pomorze. Since 2005 he has been a fan of bluegrass and country music, performing in Drink Bar band. Contributor to a plethora of folk festivals all across Europe (Serbia, Turkey, Italy, France, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus).

The concert will be held as a part of the “Cultural Summer” project.