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18th July (Thursday), 7 pm – Great Hall of the Artus Court
The Asian Evening
Tickets: PLN 20 (BUY TICKET)


Soyung Yu – soprano
Jinju Dabyot Symphony Youth Orchestra (South Korea)
Gae Jun Jeon – conductor


R. Rodgers – The sound of Music, arr. R.R. Bennett,
C. Gounod – Ah! Je veux vivre z opery Romeo i Julia,
J. Strauss II – Mein Herr Marquis z operetki Zemsta Nietoperza,
Koreańska pieśń ludowa – Arirang fantasy,
E. Kalmann – Aria Cygańskie słyszę skrzypce z operetki Hrabina Marica,
G. Bizet – Otwórz swoje serce z niedokończonej opery Iwan IV,
L. Webber – Suita z musicalu Upiór w operze, arr. C. Custer,
K. Badelt – Piraci z Karaibów, arr. T. Ricketts,
J. Williams – Suita z filmu Gwiezdne wojny

Jinju Dabyot Symphony Youth Orchestra was founded in 2005 by teachers, pupils and students who shared a common passion for music. Our guests have prepared a special, truly amazing repertoire for their Toruń concert. We will hear famous arias and opera fragments (Romeo and Juliet, Ivan), operettas (Revenge of the Bat, Countess Maritza) and musicals (The Phantom of the Opera), as well as suites from Pirates of the Caribbean and Star Wars. The programme will be crowned by the most popular Korean folk song Arirang, which in 2012 was included in the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage.