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24th June (Saturday), 8pm, Great Hall of the Artus Court

Tickets: 25/20 PLN (BUY TICKET)

On the eve of the grand inauguration of the 21st edition of the festival, we invite you to the recital of one of the most outstanding classical guitarists – Marcin Dylla, who will take us from the beautiful 19th century Great Hall of the Artus Court in Toruń into the musical world of the greatest masterpieces of guitar music of the 19th and 20th centuries.

The artist owes his position also to the rare number of awards won at music competitions. Between 1996-2005, he won first prizes at prestigious international guitar competitions a record nineteen times. He actively participates in the musical life of Europe and USA, collaborates with outstanding musicians and orchestras, performing in the most famous halls (e.g. Carnegie Hall in New York, Koncerthaus and Musikverein in Vienna, Auditorio Nacional in Madrid, the Philharmonic in St. Petersburg, the National Philharmonic in Warsaw) during important music festivals. The artist also runs master classes and courses, and his records are highly rated by numerous critics and music lovers.

During the Toruń recital, Marcin Dylla will present guitar compositions of the masters of this genre:
* Mauro Giuliani (1781-1829)
One of the greatest guitarists, an unrivalled virtuoso, a brilliant composer whose Sonata Brillant Op. 15 is considered by many to be the best composition of this form throughout the entire guitar music literature;
* Jan Nepomucen Bobrowicz  (1805-1881)
The most outstanding composer of Polish Romantic music, creating exclusively for the guitar (for this reason often called the Chopin of the guitar), whose Mozart Variations op. 6, worth attention by any means, were created shortly before  the outbreak of the November Uprising, in which the composer actively participated  (as a sub-lieutenant of horse artillery he even received the War Order of Virtuti Militari);
* Aleksander Tansman (1897-1986)
A Polish composer (primarily orchestra, piano, guitar music), a virtuoso pianist, and privately a friend to Ravel and Gershwin (considered a genius by both), a globetrotter and a cosmopolitan who achieved worldwide success and was the first Pole to be nominated for an Oscar.
Scriabin Variations were written in 1972 and comprise six compositions, the fifth of which is the composer’s homage to Poland, showcasing its national dance – a mazurka, combining a touch of humour and elements reminiscent of Bach’s work;
* Benjamin Britten (1913-1976)
Nocturnal op. 70 (1963) is one of the most influential works and, in the eyes of the critics, the most outstanding masterpieces in the classical guitar repertoire written in the 20th century, characterised by brilliant composition and incredible virtuosity.