26.08. – Romantic Genius in Sisterly Interpretation

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26th August (Saturday), 8 pm – Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Admission Free

A German Requiem by Brahms, a showpiece of his talent, is an oratorio based on the text of the Bible. A work for choir and orchestra, it was written in remembrance of the composer’s mother and aims to evoke strong emotions and concentrate the attention of listeners right from the opening bars. On the whole, except for the at times unsettling and powerful moments reminding about the Last Judgment, the Requiem radiates with peacefulness and gives solace to the living.

It would be hard to reject the arguments proposed by one of Brahms’s biographers: ‘only the Requiem by Brahms can aspire to being considered as the unique work in history which can instil strength and peace into hearts brimming with sorrow after the loss of their beloved. For as long as the earth witnesses human pain and grief, this unsurpassable masterpiece shall console millions of delicate souls.’

The immensely rich character of the composition, teeming with undulating melodious passages and volatile moods, requires great technical skills of all musicians involved in the performance. For this reason, we have invited a host of excellent artists: the nearly one hundred strong choir from Göttingen, a partner city of Toruń, and the pre-eminent Polish singers: Iwona Hossa (soprano) and Adam Szerszeń (baritone), who will perform the highly emotional solo parts of the Requiem. The performance will be taking place under the direction of Mariusz Smolij, the artistic director of the Toruń Symphony Orchestra.